Is your server idling?

Monetize your unused compute capacity

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Approximately  0%
of the world's servers are idling right now.

Shouldn't we be utilizing this free computing capacity?

Most infrastructure is designed for peaks and to handling spikes in traffic, leaving a lot of unused spare capacity.
We're utilizing this free power by connecting server owners with increasing computing demand (e.g. for simulations, rendering or AI/ML).

Amazon spearheaded the Cloud Business with AWS and the idea to make their own spare capacity (as well old server hardware) available to anyone at very competitive prices.

The initial vision was that anyone should be able to run their workloads on Amazons infrastructure, in turn driving their utilization rates up from 20% to 60-70%. They commoditized compute-capacity: ergo the first Cloud.

Weโ€™re not here to reinvent the wheel, but weโ€™re certainly taking it to the next level. A Cloud at Scale. Combining all globally available spare and reserve capacity into a massive Cloud officially known as Helio.

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Your workloads average resource usage

Connecting your servers is easy,
all you need is a shell

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Get started with the profiler

We're getting your servers metrics (using Prometheus) and characteristics to learn when your server is not utilized.

Most applications & servers have a recurring pattern, e.g. an online shop often has low traffic and load at night.
We find those gaps and fill them with useful computing tasks.

You can watch your servers metrics and graphs based on Grafana via the user area.

Start now profiling

Start loading your ship

Once we understand the load patterns of your servers and when there are some gaps where its safe to run some additional computing, we bring load to your machines via our scheduler.

We love Open Source. This is why the computing tasks are packaged as Docker Containers (simple!) and delivered and orchestrated via Kubernetes.

The workloads come from our selected industry partners and are secured & verifed by us. Sign up

Monitor carefully

While computing tasks are running, we continuously monitor your server load & metrics (10/sec intervals).
To ensure that if your load suddenly rises, we immediately switch off / reduce the computing tasks.
never impacting your actual applications.

On top, we provide an emergency switch (or you can just kill the worker) to turn off our computing tasks at a moments notice.

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Making money & reducing emissions

When we use the the capacity of your otherwise unused servers, we can provide you both: another revenue source, as well as reduce the need for new servers to be provisioned. Of course this also wastes less power, thus reducing CO2 output.
Sharing Economy! It's like couch surfing for computing tasks, welcome computing tasks to your servers couch and earn some money & make new friends (your CPUs will love the new tenant).

Earn money

Getting started now with:

One platform
amazing aspects

Start computing eco friendly

Massively improve your Cloud eco-balance

By utilizing the idling computing power and make the most out of the current, bad energy-mix

Note: US Data centers / Clouds consuming over 3% of total US electricity.

The electricity comes mainly from energy sources with a bad CO2 footprint

1. 61% coal / 31% nuclear

Full scaling

Optimize utilization and efficiency of your resources (on power usage)

Predict more targeted when you should scale your infrastructure

Use our resource pool to manage peaks without additional costs

Scale resources automatically without any reboots

Wake up sleepy servers

Because only oldtimer cars increasing their value, if you don't use them.

Why? Overall servers power usage is increasing non-liniear compared to the performance.

We should push the usage always to the limit (95-99%) and lower the waste

rm -rf /dev/wasted/power!

Earn money and reduce costs

Turn your underutilized servers into revenue generators

Lower your operational costs

Review your optimized costs with a personalized dashboard

Monitor your services

Our platform comes with free next generation monitoring & alerting

Increase your operational stability immediately

Predict Incidents (based on our Skynet) earlier and react before things blow up (coming soon)

Get your free-time back and handle incidents, before they actually happen

Our security standards

a. GDPR compliant

b. 4096bit end-to-end encryption

c. 100% open source

d. Reproducible builds

e. Workers computing is done, isolated from the host system

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